Self-Alchemy and Seraphim DNA Awakening

Araya Love connected with the consciousness of Unconditional Love to channel and share Unconditional Love Reiki. She provides Energy for Healing, Animal Co
communication, Animal Energy Healing, Unconditional Love Reiki (for everyone), Fruit Love Healing, Herbal Energy Healing, Psychic Ability Mentoring, Empath Ability Mentoring, Past Life and Akashic Record readings, custom personalized guided meditations, channeled i-tal meal guides, heart-centered writing services, and more.

She also can assist with helping you unlock and learn your unique spirit self-abilities and can communicate with your higher self and spirit guides. In addition, she also offers a wide range of free vid
eo courses and channelings on YouTube.

As a channeling author, the wisdom of life, healing, empathy, and connection are her passions. If you are interested in having a private class for you, your child, an animal loved one, or anyone else then please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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