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As an impact former Business Executive and a prominent Intuitive, Jason Medlock leads Expansion of Consciousness, a platform designed to help support those interested in expanding their conscious awareness to achieve extraordinary self-improvement in their daily lives. Simultaneously, Jason is an award-winning, 20+ year Construction Executive and leads one of the most successful minority construction firms in the Southwest U.S. Mr. Medlock specializes in delivering construction management services to local Houston ISDs.

Jason’s personal experiences with understanding the subconscious mind and how it can change your life has inspired him to write this book. Jason personally sought to learn and experience every spiritual modality, which led him to specialized training from some of the top spiritual teachers in the world.

Jason lives in Southern Texas. He holds a B.A. from the University of Nevada Las Vegas and an MLA from Texas Christian University. An EMBA from Washington State University. Jason is a professional Scientific Remote Viewer, a professional Associate Remote Viewer, and Certified Galactic Energy Healer.  Jason also teaches techniques on how to awaken the Pineal Gland & The Third Eye Chakra in an effort to develop  your Higher Self.