Jonah Roger’s, a local businessman who was born in Galveston, Tx and raised in the Sagemont area of Houston, TX went to Dobie High School where he excelled at sports. A journeyman who at one time had 11 businesses, after experiencing Hardships, poker and trial and error Jonah went from a millionaire to homeless.

Jonah always knew he was born different and the last two years proved it. Jonah started having visions and dreams about the future out of nowhere while healing from a broken arm. Jonah started to experience communication with dimensional beings he had no knowledge of.

After this experience, Jonah’s spiritual awakening began in January 2020. Since then, Jonah has found out he is a star seed from the Pleiadian Star Cluster. People are waking up and we all have a part to play. What we will learn in this episode could be the biggest cover up in world history, we are broken pieces of a puzzle around the world.

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