Amber Neal is known as “The Innovator” as Houston’s Millionaire Matchmaker as seen on Global Press 20/20 with Barbara Walters, The Tonight Show and all local media for her Innovative Events.

In 2018, The Amber Neal Public Relations Firm was launched! In June of 2021, Amber Neal Productions joined forces with Boss Up Houston Network to create new TV/Radio/Podcast Content and accepted the role of President of the Network.

Amber is also a Ordained Minister and has had more than a few spiritual revelations which has catapulted her professional career.

Boss Up Houston Network has partnered with Amber Neal to provide a major opportunity for Houstonians to not have to go to LA or NY to get “discovered”.

Amber is a Certified Tv Producer and TV Technical Director. Expert at Networking and Brand Strategy, her passion is to also help small businesses get exposure through strategic partnerships.

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