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Nico Lagan is an entrepreneur, men’s coach, Muay Thai instructor, author, keynote speaker and host of the controversial podcast: The Nico Lagan Show. He is an avid meditator and believes in the power of psychedelics like Ayahusca and psilocybin mushroom.

Nico believes in the connection between the mind, body and spirit. They are all one and should be treated as such. Through meditation, visualization and self hypnosis anyone can strengthen this connection.

Nico just finished writing his first book entitled “Purpose: How following your personal legend is the answer to your midlife crisis.”. Aimed at men between the ages of 35 to 45 who already possess The 5 Virtues of a good man. Provider, protector, courage, temperance and faith.

Now facing an existential crisis referred to by many as the midlife crisis, these men are realizing that they are one day going to die. Begging the question, is there something more than the daily grind? This book explains what this is all about and how the solution is to find purpose.

Without PURPOSE a man’s life is MEANINGLESS!

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