Gena Bradshaw – Holistic Healing Journey Through Cancer

Gena Bradshaw is a health and wellness expert, she is the author of, “A Survivors Story: A Holistic Healing Journey Through Cancer,” Founder of Holistic Human Performance, Host of Holistic Human Performance Podcast, and a two-time cancer survivor.
Gena’s journey led her through healing her fear of a cancer recurrence, sharing her story, and experience with others in hopes to inspire them to enhance their well-being.
She has combined experience in the health, fitness, and wellness industry for over a decade, coaching others who struggle with their health and want to change their lifestyle with a more holistic approach, including those who have been touched by cancer.
It combines with her knowledge of how to optimize your health through nutrition, exercise, holistic health, energy healing, sound healing, and meditation practices.
Guiding you through the many paths of wellness. Her hope is that her story inspires you to act and declare ownership of your healing and health journey because it is your birthright.
Gena’s book “A Survivors Story” all about her cancer journey and healing set the stage for her business Holistic Human Performance. Which is an educational virtual wellness center, all about whole body health and healing. Teaching the foundations of wellness and holistic living tools, and modalities you didn’t learn growing up.
Have tools in your toolbox of how you can take ownership of your health, take your power back, and teach your family and future generations to come.
Filled with on-demand videos and courses of meditations, workouts, mobility flow, nutrition talks, holistic living and wellness education, interviews, and so much more.

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