Cracking the Rich Code: The Power of Abundance (Mike Martone)

Michael A. Martone is a certified life coach, author, entrepreneur and lawyer. As a life coach, he helps his clients to navigate transition and crack their own personal code to abundance. Michael embraces love, possibility, and service in all his endeavors. In addition to a thriving life coaching practice, he serves Connecticut's citizens as a public interest lawyer.

His own life transitions and previous work in private practice, business, and career development have further opened the door to supporting people on their path to a deeper, fuller, more meaningful life.

Michael earned his Juris Doctor, cum laude, from Quinnipiac University School of Law, and his Bachelor of Arts from Fairfield University, with majors in political science and sociology. He also earned a Certificate of Professional Coaching at the University of California, Davis. Michael has served on several nonprofit and community boards. He loves life, family, fitness, and his two French bulldogs.

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