Conquering the Imposter in our head (Overcoming insecurity and Imposter syndrome) – Karen Gray

As an ICF Certified Life & Business Coach, and the Founder/CEO of Gray Legacy Partners, Karen supports Executives, Business Owners and Leaders to successfully create a life and career they don't feel a need to escape from.She specializes in supporting Leaders to take advantage of their team's strengths. She is passionate about working with (ALPHA) Men to better understand and work with Women!Karen also empowers women all over the world to embrace their unique strengths, scars and stories in order to reclaim their voice, pursue their calling and discover their purpose.

Karen is able to address and dig deep to resolve issues of insecurity, imposter syndrome, negative mindset, toxic leadership, self control and establish a balance of boundaries with humility, humor and grace.As the Founder of the ROCK MOVERS podcast, Karen is giving a voice and bringing awareness to the amazing humans who are MOVING ROCKS and turning them into stepping stones of success.

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