My Resolutions Are Achievable And Realistic

By: Jason Medlock – Author • Intuitive • Remote Viewer

When I make a resolution, I use a strategy for success that works every time. It enables
me to live my life without the fear of consequences or failure.

Before I commit to a resolution, I ensure it is achievable. If so, I make a detailed plan
and take action every day. This way I can be sure of success with all my

If I want to make a resolution for something that takes further education or skills, I
research how I can make this possible, and then take action.
After careful planning and clearly defining tasks, it's critical to take action. When I
focus on implementation, I am continually making progress.

It reminds me of the joke about the man who prayed and prayed to win the lottery. One
day he received an answer back, "Do me a favor. Buy a ticket!"
So I make it a point to take appropriate action every day to facilitate my resolution.
Without action, nothing happens! With action, everything is possible!

If my resolution involves things like eliminating bad habits or initiating good ones, I
invoke the power of positive affirmations and self-talk to help me make the right

I constantly remind myself about my strong desires for change. Doing so enables me to
fight temptation and make smarter decisions.
Today, I intend to better myself by creating a plan for success with a resolution that is
achievable and realistic.

Self-Reflection Questions:
1. Do I make a detailed plan of achievable tasks?
2. How can I use affirmations to help me make the right choices?
3. Do I take action every day to bring me success with my resolutions?

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