What is Remote Scientific Remote Viewing (SRV)?

Remote viewing is the capability and potential to perceive detailed knowledge that is otherwise shielded from you because it is distant or remote in time or space.  Remote Viewing is a viewing technique done under controllable conditions, and the viewer is blind to the target.

Associate Remote Viewing….

I use Associate Remote Viewing a little different.  I was formally trained by world renown Professional Associate Remote Viewer David J. Wallace.  David taught me how to use pictures that I personally selected, and understanding how to sense numbers within these actual photos.  I’ve successfully predicted the outcome of NBA games, WNBA, NFL, GOLF and anything that I’ve ever had a curiosity about.

There are many benefits of using a professional Remote Viewer

  • Stock predictions 
  • NBA, NFL, GOLF, CFB, CBB,  predictions…..
  • Help with remote viewing all types of business decisions
  • Personal relationship advice
  • Help recover missing items/persons