Training to become a Master Oracle takes a certain level of openness and discipline.  Practicing to become a psychic medium requires you to be a very good listener for your client.  If you’re going into an observation of listening to somebody’s physical earthly dynamics or dilemmas, you’re going to be helping protect someone or heal someone from some sort attack or higher dimensional, that you’re listening with your Alpha.  Again, Become a good listener for your clients.  Being a good listener means being able to turn off the internal dialogue and turn off the internal mind chatter.  You must be able to do it like that and the way to do that effortlessly is to understand that the soul is oneness, the heart is the GOD of the body, and the body is the GOD of the mind.   They both derive out of oneness, your soul already is connected to the infinite, your heart is connected to the infinite love.  The soul comes into the body and then into the infinite.  Learning these teachings and more are apart of training to become a Master Oracle.