Understanding Channeling?

There are different forms of channeling and communicating, most people experience channeling on a day-to-day basis without even knowing it. So, for instance, a lot of the songs have been channeled, books have been channeled and many teachings. Many different ideas come through natural channels that occur directly through an individual.  Channeling can happen consciously or subconsciously. Everyone has the innate ability to channel, while most people do it daily with their intuition and ideas that end up coming to them.  There are other ways to channel, some people verbally channel. You can channel write, paint, and channel feelings. For instance, a being or individual can come through your chakras and physical form which can cause different feelings and sensations in your body.

How can we use it?

Vibration makes a huge difference in your ability to channel, I’ve met channelers who honestly do not have a perfect lifestyle, and it takes a lot longer to get into the channeling space. For instance, they may have to meditate for hours before even attempting to channel receive that same amount of information and connection. Someone eating healthy and does not have animal products or too many processed foods have a much easier time channeling.

Can anyone Channel?

“Many of my clients and people who come to me have never channeled themselves. consciously.  This is a common question where people will say can I do this or is this something that just you can do, or selected individuals can do.”  Everyone has their unique ability. It’s just the amount that they’re willing to tap into. We also have shared capabilities, such as telepathy, which uses the third eye chakra and the heart space located in the heart chakra, which is universal with channeling.  Specific forms of channeling are typically more universal, like using your clairsentient ability and feeling channeling, while others can be more selective to the visual.

People of all ages try channeling; people in their 80s say, “I’ve never really had too many spiritual experiences or have never connected in this way,” and they feel it’s their time to try. Some go on to become incredible channelers.  There have been people from ages 4 to 85, so anyone can achieve a level of channeling in their way. Some people prefer writing, some people speak, and some paint. It’s different for each person, it’s finding what resonates with you.

How do I start?

Sign up for the class above, you may pick a date, It is possibly I may have to change the date depending on how many we have in the class.  This course will last last 4 hrs with one free zoom session to offer any help and guidance needed after the class is over.  All sessions will be 1 hr in length.

CHANNELING Course (4 hours)