Experiences & Advantages of Learning How To Astral Travel

There is a lot of potential for spiritual growth with astral projection, in some ways you will stopped fearing death and start a new way of thinking. During the sessions you may experience a sense of higher connection, also In my experience I was able to see how I was connected to everything, I was even able to see myself planning my journey to Earth.  My Psychic abilities also increased, I started seeing energy very clearly also light particles bouncing off of everything solid.  Astral projection is life changing not just as an experience but on a spiritual level and physical level. You never look at anything the same way again you will feel blessed to discover this side of yourself. This course will give people the opportunity to experience their own unique experience much like I have.

Consciously projecting out of body is nowhere near as difficult as is commonly believed. It is simply a matter of deeply relaxing the physical body, clearing the mind, then triggering the projection reflex with an exit technique. Most people, if they are prepared to put a little time and effort into developing the necessary skills, will have no trouble accomplishing this, right up to the actual exit phase of projection. What happens from that moment onward depends greatly on their energy, self-control, balance, attitude, and intelligent planning.

You will learn the Following:

• Calming you mind (Meditation)

• Clearing energy blockages

• Methods of Connection

• Mantra’s

• Exiting the body techniques

• Understanding your Astral Body